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Altun Ha Tours

Welcome to Altun Ha Tours. Are you visiting Belize on a Cruise and are looking for a Belize Shore Excursion to one of the Maya Temples that’s not too far from the port then this is the tour for you. It can be combined with Cave Tubing, Baboon Sanctuary and Belize Zoo.

If you are visiting Belize on an extended stay the ruins of Altun Ha are also a great fit, Belize Fun Tours has consistently won certificate of excellence for providing great affordable excursions for our guests. Please feel free to book with confidence.

An hour northward out of Belize City, your disembarkation point, along quaint country roads, secondary rain-forest, Creole villages and isolated farms, rises the majestic beauty of the Maya ceremonial center called Altun Ha (rock stone water). Royal priests ruled this site for many centuries, and traded with other Mayan centers in Meso America. Some 30 years ago, Dr. David Pendergast of the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, along with his excavation team, discovered a tomb of a priest in the Temple of the Masonry Altars, and in it, a nine and three quarter pound jade carving of the Sun God, Kinich Ahau – a world famous event! Climb prepared stone steps to the stars! Surround yourself with the aura of these ancient stargazers living in the rain-forests of Belize. After a delicious Belizean lunch, and your time travel experience of the Maya Civilization, move back to Belize City, old British colonial capital of Belize, and enjoy your city tour, highlighting a blend of Caribbean, Central American and colonial architecture.